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Asbury Crisfield UMC



Reach UP for God's guidance,

Reach OUT to share Jesus,

and Reach IN to provide life-transforming 

worship & ministry to all who shall come.




Through God's leading,

we will be known as Christ in the community

while honoring Jesus with excellence 

in all that we do.

Sunday Worship @ 11 AM

Our sanctuary will be open for worship! Asbury UMC will welcome the congregation for worship on June 7, 2020 @ 11am
We are making the following changes to safely come back together.

• Use designated entry/exits
• Masks required for entry
• Use hand sanitizer provided
• Practice social distancing (minimum 7 feet)
• Please refrain from physical contact (hand shaking/hugging)

We understand and are sensitive to the fact that there are varying degrees of concern about the Covid virus. We have been prayerfully undertaking the task of preparing the building to come back together and hope to see you for worship. These requirements may seem restrictive to some and not strong enough for others. 
Continue to prayerfully look to God for your guidance. If you do not feel safe with the changes we are implementing please continue to stay at home. We will be in prayer for you whether you are in the sanctuary or not just as we have been through the past months. We intend to continue making the service available here on Facebook so that if you choose to stay at home you can still enjoy the service. 
Stay safe and continue praying for God’s guidance during these trying times.

We believe that prayer is essential to doing the will and work of God. 

We believe that in order to be the hands and feet of Jesus, we must be a people of action, helping our neighbors both in our backyard and around the world.

We believe in making sure that those who are in our fellowship are walking the disciple's path through encouragement and enrichment.

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