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03-16-2020  Due to a mandate at the Peninsula-Delaware Conference level concerning COVID-19 all church services are canceled for the next 15 days. Groups of 10 people or less may still meet. We will post updates as things evolve. Stay safe and continue to pray. If we’ve ever needed you, Lord it’s now!


Our sanctuary will be open for worship! Asbury UMC will welcome the congregation for worship on June 7, 2020 @ 11am
We are making the following changes to safely come back together.

• Use designated entry/exits
• Masks required for entry
• Use hand sanitizer provided
• Practice social distancing (minimum 7 feet)
• Please refrain from physical contact (hand shaking/hugging)

We understand and are sensitive to the fact that there are varying degrees of concern about the Covid virus. We have been prayerfully undertaking the task of preparing the building to come back together and hope to see you for worship. These requirements may seem restrictive to some and not strong enough for others. 
Continue to prayerfully look to God for your guidance. If you do not feel safe with the changes we are implementing please continue to stay at home. We will be in prayer for you whether you are in the sanctuary or not just as we have been through the past months. We intend to continue making the service available here on Facebook so that if you choose to stay at home you can still enjoy the service. 
Stay safe and continue praying for God’s guidance during these trying times.

03/17/2020 - Message From Lea LaRue of the Administrative Board

Dear Asbury Family,

Due to the latest recommendations from the White House and the Peninsula Delaware Conference, we have had to cancel our services for the next two weeks. These recommendations have now limited the number of people in a gathering to no more than 10 people. They have stated that this is for at least the next 15 days when they will re-examine and make further recommendations. During these two weeks the leadership of the church will be working on plans in case the closure must be extended.
The Administrative Board met last night and discussed a few ideas and will be revisiting them in the next week or so to ensure that the health of the church family and the church itself is maintained. We hope that our church family is taking the health guidelines from our Government seriously and ask that you continue to follow the CDC guidelines of social distancing and hand washing. If you are not feeling well please do not go out and about. If you are in absolute need of something please reach out to your church family so we can try to help you.
During this time of uncertainty and unknown, we also ask that you take the time to work on your spiritual health as well. Take time to pray, reflect, listen to your favorite hymns and praise music, watch an inspiring movie of God’s Love, and talk with family and friends about God. Turn to the Bible and God’s Word, there are many scriptures out there to help calm and reassure his presence in our lives. Although the Lord’s plan is unknown to us, we know that his love for us is what will get us through all of our times of fear and uncertainty.
While we can take these measures to protect ourselves, please take a moment to think about our church’s health as well. As the church depends on our congregation and the weekly giving, having the church closed for services causes a hardship on the financial health of our church. We ask that you continue in your giving practices during this time of closure. Please mail your offerings to the church or deliver to the church office which will be open Monday – Friday from 9 – noon. Our church has withstood 210 years and we hope it will be here for generations to come. Please consider helping the church during these times to ensure we can ride out the storm and continue to serve our community and family.
More updates will come to make sure you are informed of our services and plans. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. May God be with you in the upcoming weeks and may you be healthy and safe.

Blessings to all,

Lea LaRue – Administrative Board

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